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Thursday 1st November

‘We must find a way to stop teachers leaving’

It should be relatively straightforward to identify periods when a larger number of secondary teachers are going to be needed to teach growing numbers of secondary pupils. After all, we can see the increase in primary pupil numbers several years in a...

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Wednesday 10th October

Recruiting Rachael(s)

Roughly 10% of my teaching staff are called Rachael (or Rachel).  I’m not sure how that happened, and I didn’t appoint them all myself, but it’s a mildly diverting statistic nonetheless.  As a recruitment strategy it would be ridiculous to su...

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Tuesday 28th August

Fears skills test delays will deepen recruitment crisis

Teacher training providers are warning that the system risks losing hundreds of teachers because students have been unable to take a skills test they need to start training. Students need to complete the skills test before they can begin initial teac...

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Tuesday 31st July

Recruiting a Headteacher – new guidance from the Department for Education

This guide, written in partnership with the National Governance Association, highlights the importance of professional recruitment practice in recruiting and selecting headteachers and identifies good practice emphasises the need for fairness and tra...

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Tuesday 17th April

Fixing the Madness of the May Transfer Window

Welcome to recruitment silly season! It is the time of year when everyone wanting to move schools has to do so quickly, because resigning after the end of May means there’s no further option for change in 2018, and where headteachers crumble after ...

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